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Some are a lot cheaper and safe out of the box. AVG virus protection and love it , Spybot and adaware for spyware All programs work great and keep my system snappy. Spybot Search and Destroy — Especially useful for its Immunize feature that blocks known sources of malware in the hosts file, but also a reasonable free scanner. ZoneAlarm — For a user running a non-XP box, adding a firewall can be a great help. EXE or other files should be able to access the Internet.

SysInternals Rootkit Revealer -Also good for checking deep into the operating system. Can find nasties that other programs cannot. BartPE can help you create a bootable Windows XP CD, and with the right plugins, you can disinfect systems, diagnose bad hard disks, and perform all sorts of repairs. None of the above.

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Slows down system too much. I would normally agree, expect that most of the infamous viruses took advantage of backdoor security flaws.

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Anti-spyware and virus software are not stupid. They are just safe gaurds to protect your data from software corruption. Modern systems are so fast these days that overhead is barely noticable unless the AV software is poorly written Non-Pro Symanaic. If the overhead is a major pain for you.

Just schedule the routine scans at times where you are probably not using the system. Apparently Symantec started to see the writing on the wall as their latest 07 round is actually improving in performance. As a sysadmin, of course I do use AV on my work networks. Symantec corp: loss of clients in the console years ago, never looked at again. Symantec home: Oh god. The reboots and updates just to get it running right. They actually sell systemworks to try and speed it up again. Mcaffee home: run. The rumours are true: the single worst software out there.

I would put every AOL version out there on a system before this garbage. I hear good things about Kapersky for detection rates. Lots of security vulns in these products as well. Just practice safe computing, read through your logs, setup a very tight fwall. I keep system restore turned off and update XP when they come out with updates.

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And my x2 system is fast enough that I notice no slowdown at all. I am so close to just shutting off AVG. Safe computing, auto updates…. Unexplained memory usage? Bogus processes running in the background?

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Random pop-ups glore without any user input? Unexplained network traffic that you isolate from other known sources? AVG Free 4. Microsoft Defender Free 5. Install CCleaner Free and have it run everytime you boot….. Turn off System restore….