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Courts refuse to prosecute, and police refuse to arrest the perpetrators. Organization Organization refers to the process, by the perpetrators, of planning and developing resources to commit genocide. Examples of events that would be tagged as Organization include: The creation and arming of militias or informal paramilitary groups, especially when membership is restricted to a specific race or ethnicity.

Creation of concentration or detention camps. Creation of machines that have no purpose except for extermination.

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Polarization Polarization refers to political or violent acts meant to create divisions in the society. Examples of events that would be tagged as Polarization include: Members of the group are denied the rights to participate in society normally. They are denied rights to attend school, join professional organizations or labour unions, gather in public, or participate in politics.

Members of different groups are prohibited or otherwise discouraged from interacting socially.

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Terrorist attacks occur that are blamed on a specific ethnic or religious group, or a group takes credit for terrorist attacks to create divisions between different groups. Mixed status categories are unrecognized. Peaceful political rallies are attacked to create divisions in politics, or political rallies are held to further divisions in society. Political moderates are removed from power through force or other nonelectoral means. This is not always an indicator of Polarization, but can be depending on the political context in an SOC. Preparation Preparation refers to actions taken by the perpetrators to prepare a target group for Extermination.

Examples of events that would be tagged as Preparation include: Arbitrary without legal reason arrest or detention of members of the target group. Arbitrary seizure of property of members of the target group. Authorities attempting to disarm members of the target group. Authorities creating lists of group members or performing other activities to identify or map the demographics of target group.

Authorities dividing communities or families through forced migration or exile. Members of target group are forced into concentration camps or ghettos. Persecution The Persecution stage focuses on how the perpetrators of genocidal violence target and prepare their victims. Examples of events that would be tagged as Persecution include: Imprisonment of leaders, clergy, intellectuals and others who provide guidance to the group. Harassment of group members through threats, arrests, vandalism, or assaults.

Torture of imprisoned group members. Physical concentration or forced relocation of communities into ghettos or camps. Restrictions on travel within or outside of the country.

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Forced exile of group members. Restriction or denial of access to necessities such as food, water, and medical supplies and treatment. Confiscation of private property such as homes, businesses, money, and physical goods Extermination Extermination refers to the actions which are meant to eliminate a target group through mass killings or other methods, such as forced sterilization or rape.

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Examples of events that would be tagged as Extermination include: Mass killings of members of the target group. Special report : a basic minimum income Deserving and undeserving poor by Pierre Rimbert. Pierre Rimbert is editor-in-chief of Le Monde diplomatique. See also Money to live Mona Chollet Preview. The proponents of a basic minimum income — rather than a wage — think that its time may have come, now that technological progress means paid work is available to fewer people.

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