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One of my NC ancestors raised a company of cavalry, equipped them and paid their puny wages—and he, as far as we can tell, owned no slaves. His son, my great-great grandfather and also his cousin, both of whom became Medical Doctors in , were life-long abolitionists. AND their sons fought for the Confederacy—not to defend slavery, as their families owned none, but for States Rights. Thank you, G Jackson. I was hoping someone would correct that misconception, that all Southerners would automatically be pro-slavery. Never is, where history is concerned.

Far too many assumptions take place from those who could never know exactly what went on in the past.

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The British soldier was trained to choose a specific man in the opposing line, and aim and fire at him. Period Manuals of Arms and the numerous training guides by various officers are consistent on this, encouraging regiments to provide extensive training in firing at marks, reminding Serjeants to exhort the men to aim low, to counter the tendency to aim too high, and otherwise specifically making reference to aimed shots. A properly-formed line, and properly positiobed musket, with the right elbow held DOWN when firing, pushes the butt of the musket up and forward, positions the right eye more in line with tbe breech, and moves the fkashpan fartver away from both the firer and tge man to his right.

Having the men oroperly positioned within the line also prevents the flash hitting anyone. Why not do one of those? Why change it? A movie on Joseph Plumb Martin would be excellent. It would have plenty of action, show what an average soldier went through, and it would be humorous at times. We need to get Americans interested in our history.

What better way than to introduce them to real people? Your wish may come true. The fact that Dr. Yet he was a vital component to the early struggles leading up to Bunker Hill. He is one of my Revolutionary Heroes as well. This got whittled down more and more, until there was pretty much nothing at all historical about the move. True, there was a place called South Carolina, and true, there was a Revolutionary War… but other than that, everything else is pure fantasy.

So there are bits and pieces of Francis Marion in there, but the end result was nothing based on actual history at all and I cringe whenever I watch it. Fun little bit of trivia on the movie set.

Finally, to get him off of the subject we told him of a horrible bloody massacre at Fort Wilderness. He liked the story we told him so much that he put it in the script and this is the battle that Benjamin Martin feels sorry about through the whole movie.

So, what is the joke? Fort Wilderness is in Disney World. Maybe someday the movies will get better. It was hard sometimes to argue for what to put in a scene and what to leave out. Shelly — I watched a few weeks ago. I liked it…. Plus, I really enjoy the portrayals of Franklin, Jefferson and Adams. I agree with you Paul.

Plus pretty neat All Star cast too.

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In the middle of the film I was not well informed on the whole rum controversies. Toth, now the whole scene makes sense. The church burning with the people inside in The Patriot is an incident that did happen and is not a fictional addition. I have always been led to believe that the church burning in The Patriot was fictional the Nazis did this in France in What evidence is there it happened as portrayed?

Terrible atrocities did occur in the Southern campaign, the most horrific of which were perpetrated by the Cherokee Indians. Perhaps the church scene was a stand-in for the entire mass of tragic realities on the frontier. Why would a man leave family, home, work, everything dear, to risk all in the cause of liberty? She encapsulated the answer to that question with incredibly stirring eloquence. He was much, much, worse.

Obviously the woman had no clue about the real Tarleton. Tarleton never killed slaves. Tarleton never killed women and children. Tarleton never killed prisoners. So what did Tarleton do? He was an extremely effective cavalry commander, one of the best the British had to offer, which is why he continually got his own command and terrified just about everyone he faced.

He would be on par with someone like Patton, or Custer not the later Custer facing the Sioux, but the younger one from the Civil War. Here is a link to one of the many books that debunk the Tarleton myth. The main character in The Patriot and some of the incidents surrounding him are in part based on a real character from that time…His name was John Beckham Sr. He was a noted scout and spy for George Washington during the Revolution.

He was,also, my ancestral grandfather from South Carolina. About the Patriot…. The flash was so large, that it would actually burn the face if too close. This is the reason for the head turning. And the church scene never did happen, but it was based on other events of similar nature. Anyway, fantastic list!


All For Liberty is an excellent inclusion in the top ten. It is well done with outstanding history. What a wonderful addition in preservation of our Revolutionary War history!!!!! I have a collection of films on The Revolutionary War.

Women in the American Revolution

For this reason. Perhaps you have some knowledge of a film I have been looking for without success. Obviously,this implies a film of much greater length, but I have not been able to find any mention of this film anywhere else. Are you familiar with it? While it is a musical and can become corny at times and some of the content is not true, it is an excellent film that I believe portrays the personalities of some of the founders very well. The movie really revolves around John Adams and his persistence in trying to get the votes needed for independence.

Not seeing it, Acting Volunteer Lt. Frederick Nickels of the U. As she neared us, we looked in vain for the face of a white man. Parrott of the U. In the North, Smalls was feted as a hero and personally lobbied the Secretary of War Edwin Stanton to begin enlisting black soldiers. After President Lincoln acted a few months later, Smalls was said to have recruited 5, soldiers by himself. Following the war, Smalls continued to push the boundaries of freedom as a first-generation black politician, serving in the South Carolina state assembly and senate, and for five nonconsecutive terms in the U.

House of Representatives before watching his state roll back Reconstruction in a revised constitution that stripped blacks of their voting rights. He died in Beaufort on February 22, , in the same house behind which he had been born a slave and is buried behind a bust at the Tabernacle Baptist Church. It proves them to be equal of any people anywhere.

All they need is an equal chance in the battle of life. Who was the Plessy in the Plessy v.

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Ferguson Supreme Court case that established the separate-but-equal policy for separating the races?