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Some will go psychotic, some depressed, some aggressive. Therapeutic communities try to reverse that process. That interest has been with him through OD and running own organizations and in doing team coaching. Has always had a passion for how we evolve collective consciousness. Gregory Bateson has also influenced Dr. Hawkins greatly.

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Bateson said we misunderstood Darwin. We think the unit of survival of the fittest is the individual, or the team, or organization, or nation or species. Unit of survival is any one of those in dynamic co-creation with its ecological niche. Did a historical survey in his first book, Leadership Team Coaching, on the history of team development and approaches to teams. Many are highly focused on what happens inside the team and with the team process.

Much of it is around team development and facilitation and team coaching. This is too narrow a focus for full change. Continuum of Team Coaching in that first book : Looked at difference between team facilitation, team building, team development, team coaching and further on the continuum: leadership team coaching, transformational team coaching, and systemic team coaching.

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To be clear about what help they need. Five disciplines of team coaching holistic, systemic level intervention. Task and performance on top, and below is process. West — what happens internally, East — what happens externally. In the middle is the fifth discipline: core learning how does a team become a reflective learning team, constantly growing its capacity to be more than the sum of its parts. Quadrants of the model: Upper right the why : Commission discipline — does the team have a clear commission?

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  6. Do you have a legitimacy to operate from your community, investors, etc.? Upper left — the what Clarifying discipline — team goals, what to focus on. Bottom left the how — Co-creating discipline. Team dynamic, team culture. How we run our meetings.

    Bottom right — Connecting discipline — many teams think if their meetigns are good, then team is good. The game is investors, clients, etc. It needed to reduce its costs, head count. Managing welfare payments and pensions, disability. Had to do more with higher quality expectations, and with far less results. Came into do team coaching. Their meetings were great, but when each of the members of those meetings went to head up their individual units, and stopped being member of the top team, resulted in a lot of conflict at third level because of mismatched messages between executive and individual unit levels.

    Advised team to individually write their scores for the quadrants. Highest score was for executive team performance in which they were all together.

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    Lowest score was for teams transforming the business in which they were not together. Asked them: How many people do you need leading transformational effort? How do you enroll them? What do you want people coming to the event to say, think and do differently? Co-designed event for enrollment.


    At lunch time, half time team talk with the exec team. Connect with KJ. Jane Friedman.

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    Connect with Jane. Nicole Lewis Keeber. Connect with Nicole. Jennifer Louden. Connect with Jennifer. Brigette Lyons. Connect with Brigitte. Michelle Mazur. Connect with Michelle. Tara McMullin. Connect with Tara.

    Gabriela Perera. Connect with Gabriela. Lisa Poisso. Lisa Tener. Brooke Warner. Connect with Brooke. Save Your Seat Today! Join now. What's In It For You?

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    Master the skills of coaching yourself and others to become more resilient and motivated. Have more 'asking than telling' communications to engage and drive changes in Sales Team. Learn to unleash your Salespeople' hidden potential and help them to become Sales Achievers. Increase sense of ownership and accountability for better results and business continuity. Develop effective Sales Team and create a coaching culture to nurture and retain sales talents. Whether you are a Sales Coach from inside or outside the Company, it's high time to get your coaching experience validated professionally.