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Angels Online Wiki. Create account or Sign in. Shock Wave Basic single life magic attack.

Cure Spell Restore HP. Silver Shield Increase resistance to melee damage within effective time. Dawn Shield Increase resistance to spell damage within effective time.

Aurora Wings Increase the melee dodge rate ability within effective time. Angel's Tears Restore HP quickly. Life Blessing Increase the upper limit of HP within the effective time. Binding Slows the speed of a target within the effective time. Halo Strike Attack single target. Revival Revive dead player. Mighty Cure Restore HP. Heart Beat Decreases the heart resistance ability. Heart Hit Attack single target. Vigor Blessing Increase melee damage ability within the effective time. Holy Eyes Increase the shooting rate within the effective time.

Protection Spell Increase the resistance to attacks on the heart.

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Aurora Trap AOE, hurts enemies at targeted place. Heavenly Hammer Attacks a single target. A heavenly hammer strikes the enemy. Energetic Light Restores friend's HP in range. Punishing Shield Increases defense ability and rebounds the attacking spell when being attacked within the effective time.

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Hurt Recovery Restores HP when you are hit by a critical. Dazzling Burst AOE causing damage to enemies nearby. Carbuncle This protection of the magic damage reflected back to the attacker.

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Similarly, no effect on bosses. Defensive wall Increase resistance to melee and spell damage to nearby players within the effective time. Deific Rebuke A powerful light ray that scorchs the enemy. Divine Freeze A powerful beam of holy light freezes the target in place, making it unable to move, attack or be attacked.

Glorify Wrap to nearby allies in a divine light dome, increasing maximum HP, physical defense, and magical defense. Divine Charge AoE long distance. The rhythm divine compass a white, quickly becoming very acute sound to cause harm. Divine Prayer Issues a regenerative wave within the effective area, bouncing between the close allies and recovers HP.

Holy Yoke AoE long distance. Reduces movement speed of enemies within the area for the duration of the spell. Holy Prayer Increases defense for a period of time and has a chance to reflect spells back at the caster.

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Holy Light Concentrate all holy particles into a special life attack that causes great damage to a far-off opponent. Spirit's Blessing Increase the maximum HP to receive the damage in effect time and counterattack the opponent. Forgot your username? Create an account.

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Remember me. Log in Forgot your password? Spell of Life. Start Prev 1 2 3 Next End. Hi all, I'm wondering if the mummies created by spell of life contest with the vampire of the same name or only other mummies?

Put this card in play. Only one Spell of Life may be played each turn.