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Lindsey D. Alexander is a Kentuckian who lives in East Tennessee with her dog and husband. She was named after a s TV star and a broadcast journalist. She holds degrees from Indiana University and Purdue University. Her poems have appeared on Poets.

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Poetry Rodeo in Reverse by: Lindsey Alexander Release date: Sep 1st, Rodeo in Reverse is a snarky but personal manuscript that is both a time machine and a microscope, woven with bits of Americana: married life, art history, pioneers, and witches. Add To Cart. Distance Between Desires.

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The Wall. Bemidji in Spring.

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  8. Sam Kee, I imagine. A Photograph Taken in Duluth. The Sun in Bemidji, Minnesota. The poem first appeared in the Alaska Quarterly Review.

    Sean Hill - Artist - MacDowell Colony

    Dear America : my contribution to Terrain. She has, however, picked up a lot of Lego, socks, wet towels and other exhibits of mundanity.

    She has also picked up on the possibility that her husband has lost interest in her. And frankly, she's not very interested in Susannah Parks either.

    What’s Been Here

    But this year, she has resolved to be very interesting. Also thoughtful, useful, cheerful, relevant, self-sufficient, stylish, alluring and intelligent. In her highly confidential diary, Susannah documents the search for the elusive spark in her marriage, along with all the high and low notes of life with her four beloved children, with her free-spirited and world famous best friend Ria, and with Hugh, the man who fills her heart with burning passion and her washing pile with shirts. And perhaps amid the chaos she might be brave enough to find the missing pieces of herself.

    Meg Bignell was a nurse and a weather presenter before she surrendered to a persistent desire to write.

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    Since then she has been writing almost every day - bits and pieces here and there, either to earn a crust, to get something off her chest or to entertain herself. She sings a bit too, occasionally writes and performs cabaret, but is mostly very busy being a mother to three and a wife to one. She lives with her family on a dairy farm on Tasmania's East Coast. In that time I have observed a family whose love for art and beauty and experimenting and exploring - has been inspiring and relentless.

    We simply glide into the hearts of these two artists. Poems such as Birthing day, Reunion and Farewell Sweet Neighbour remind us where poetry needs to sit, in our breast pocket close to our hearts. Silliness is to be savoured. It exposes the cracks in our reasoning, raising a gleeful two-finger salute to convention and common sense. In a world awash with stupidity and cruel politics, silliness is childish, anarchic, mischievous, rude and sometimes shocking.

    But it's not new.

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    This delightful yet informative book reveals the surprisingly rich history of silliness, going all the way back to the madcap plays of Aristophanes in the fourth century BC. Medieval fools and jesters, strange 'epidemics of silliness' in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, and the charming nonsense of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear, lead us to the often dark and nihilistic silliness of modern times, including Buster Keaton, Monty Python and 'Cats that Look Like Hitler'.

    We were excited to welcome Jacqueline Harvey back to our shop for a signing. We were pleased to host the launch of Greg Barns' new book, Rise of the Right. Events Upcoming events Past events Past events Past events Past events Past events Past events Past events Launch speeches and archives Literary awards and news. Past events We regularly host events, including launches, signings, readings, and announcements of prizes. The Hobart Bookshop, 5. The Hobart Bookshop, 3. These poems reach down into the darkness below the earth, and up into the light. They are wittily, artistically, musically, and linguistically true.

    As well as being entirely clever and well-wrought, these poems are something else besides Edith Speers was born in Canada and migrated to Australia in Her educational background is in Science, but writing in general and the English language in particular have been her obsessions since childhood.

    Since she has resided on a rural property in southern Tasmania. Gravity as a physical influence, the weight of gravity, and gravity of thought and action are central to Andrew Sant's new collection of poems - and so too is the means of baffling gravity, not the least by the deployment of wit.

    Gravity here is also baffling in the alternative sense, as a force or as a theory, which summons perplexity. These poems, wide-ranging in time and place, are richly textured investigations of the world, its terrain and its people, by an alert, often restless, informed observer. The Hobart Bookshop, Ella lived in the red-dirt country where the earth was as dry as old bones and it hadn't rained for years and years and years.

    One night, Ella dreamt of the ocean Jan Colville was born in Melbourne, and moved to Tasmania in She has lived in Canada, and France. Her poems cover autobiography, science, social commentary, philosophy and occasionally magic realism. In Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Prussia.